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Movie Review: A GHOST STORY

A couple of warnings for you, up front. First off, A GHOST STORY is not a straight Horror movie. It might not be a Horror movie at all. Depends on how you choose to define the genre. It IS a ghost story, just as the title promises. It does have supernatural stuff. Otherwise, it’s an…

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Book Review: MANITOU BLOOD by Graham Masterton

Masterton’s been around for a long time, and he’s written a lot of books. I’ve read some of them in the past, but I’d never read any of his MANITOU series before. I picked up MANITOU BLOOD at a special discount price after noticing a fanged vampire on the cover, and because I recognized the…

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Movie Review: STICKMAN

This is one of the three original films that debuted on ScyFy this past October, as part of its “31 Days of Halloween” promotion, the other two being THE SANDMAN and NEVERKNOCK. As with those other two efforts, STICKMAN raises the bar as to what you’d typically expect from the network and its homegrown productions….

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Movie Review: THE BARRENS

Once you get past the one big flaw of the film, which is actually several little flaws, then it’s pretty good. The big flaw that is really several small ones? The old cliche that people in Horror movies do stupid things. Like, if you saw the Jersey Devil in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey…

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The Horror In The Flames

I get depressed every year when the holidays come to an end. And it kills me how the corporate world is always in such a hurry to start the Christmas season–I kid you not, I have seen stores putting out Christmas merchandise in MAY; seriously, why would they not just keep it on the shelves…

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In Defense of BLADE II

Whenever somebody makes a post like this one, chances are the bozo in question is just trying to garner some attention. In that respect, I hate to give it to him. I SHOULD just ignore him completely. I expect you all know the type. Chances are you’ve met such people. A good example is all…

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Catching up with THE ANGUISHED MAN

Do you remember THE ANGUISHED MAN? It’s the supposedly cursed painting, created by an artist who mixed his own blood in with the paints he used, then ended up committing suicide. When I first covered the story, I announced that I expected a movie to be forthcoming. Whatever happened to that movie? I thought of…

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Credit this one to my recent downtime, sick and under quarantine with the influenza over the Christmas holidays, when I had nothing to do but watch movies. I’m pleased to say that none of the films I viewed during my convalescence were lousy. In fact they were all rather good. I got lucky in that…

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Hot, Hot, Hot!

It’s the bane of so many murderers. It would seem a given. What better way to cover up evidence of a crime than with a fire? What better way to dispose of a body than to burn it? Folks who watch shows like FORENSIC FILES (No fake CSI-type shows for me! I dig on the…

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Movie Review: INDIGENOUS

Take one part blatant rip-off of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and throw in a clumsy desire on the part of the director to film a music video, and that’s the first part of this movie, which details the fate of a group of friends who go trekking into the Panamanian rainforest after being warned by…

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The Origins of the Creeper

Okay, I think I’ve got it. One of the movies I watched–one of the many, many movies I watched–while I spent an entire week, including Christmas, down with the influenza and under quarantine, was JEEPERS CREEPERS 2. I hadn’t seen it since shortly after it finished its theatrical run, way, way back in 2003 (Where…

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Ed Wood vs. Tommy Wiseau

For some time, friends have been telling me I need to watch THE ROOM, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. “You, of all people, have to see it!” they told me. “You won’t believe how bad it is! And you LOVE bad movies!” Well, yes and no. I love a certain TYPE of…

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