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James Wan Is Doing SALEM’S LOT!

Aww, yeah! We knew it was coming. Ever since IT became the highest-grossing R-rated movie ever back in 2017, even a nearsighted prognosticator could have predicted that remakes of Stephen King properties were going to be the next Hollywood golden goose. PET SEMATARY was the first project to get made, and it was similarly successful,…

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In Memoriam: Lorraine Warren

Were it not for the film franchise THE CONJURING and its shared cinematic universe, Lorraine Warren’s name would still be known by fans of the supernatural. Just not as well known. She wouldn’t be as “over” (wrestling jargon), in other words. But long before she was portrayed on film by Vera Farmiga, Lorraine Warren’s name…

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Courts and Covens and Cults, Oh My!

I steer clear of all the drah-ma online where “vampires” are concerned. There is no shortage of people claiming to be vampires. Personally I find it a tad hard to believe that, after centuries of life, or un-life, a vampire wouldn’t have anything better to do than post on Facebook. Additionally, I find it hard…

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Dracula’s “Son”

I really need to start a subcategory for this site entitled GOOD GRIEF! I end up saying it quite a bit. Often enough to warrant its own special designation. In this prospective category I would compile all the reports I chance across that cause me to roll my eyes, laugh with bitterness, or despair for…

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Baba Yagas

So my computer spellcheck will recognize “Baba Yaga” as legitimate words, but if I pluralize “Yagas” it doesn’t. I thus have a cultured but specific spellcheck program. We are in fact talking about *two* Baba Yagas, or two separate depictions of the character Baba Yaga, to be specific. The witch of Russian folklore will be…

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Romero at Wrestlemania

Growing up in the glorious 80s, I had two great passions, Horror movies and professional wrestling (three counting comic books). These two shaped the man I would become, warping me in all kinds of wonderful ways. Today I have a nephew who is a professional wrestler—Adam Priest. (Remember that name, as you will be hearing…

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In Search of a Sculptor

Take a look at the photograph of this statue. I ran across it online and I liked it. I love the contrast of the red blood, which I would assume is water containing food coloring or some other dye (unless it’s photoshopped), and the stark white of the marble, if indeed it is marble and…

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Bitching About US

I kinda get it but I kinda don’t. On the one hand, I can and do feel sympathy for folks who suffer from spasmodic dysphonia. This last is a condition that affects the voice, causing people, well, to be brutally honest, it causes people to sound like Lupita Nyong’o sounded as “Red” in Jordan Peele’s…

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George Romero’s PET SEMATARY

This one will have to sit near the top of the list of movies we never got to see but would have liked to. Did you know that George Romero was in the running to direct the original 1989 PET SEMATARY? Stephen King wanted him for the job. This isn’t surprising when you consider that…

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Visiting Different Pet Sematarys

Not everyone who has seen or will see the new movie will have seen the original from 1989, and even fewer of those will have read the novel upon which both were based. (The percentage of our population that is literate is shamefully low, it pains me to say.) That being the case, allow us…

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Manchester on Farrant

When the news broke that David Farrant, the psychic investigator who will be forever linked to the Highgate Vampire affair, had died, I waited curiously to see how his lifelong rival Bishop Sean Manchester, also forever linked with the Highgate Vampire, would react. Manchester has a reputation for being particularly surly with his critics (to…

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In Memoriam: David Farrant

Mr. Farrant’s name will be instantly recognizable to vampire aficionados if they are familiar with the “Highgate Vampire” event from back in the 70s (and the decades of drama that have followed in its wake). There are two men whose names will forever be linked with that occurrence: Sean Manchester and David Farrant. Both claimed…

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