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Missed it by THAT much!

This is irritating. I just got back from a vacation, which you probably know already if you’ve been reading the other posts I’ve made this week. I went to Las Vegas. I lost all of three dollars to slot machines. That’s three bucks, period. As in, that’s all the money, and all the time, I…

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I have seen THE THING?

No, I don’t mean the John Carpenter classic, or the 1951 original, also a classic. And the title of this article is not a question. The title–or should that be the name?–of The Thing? must always end with a question mark, regardless of whether or not one is asking anything. The Thing?–there really is no…

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The IT Review That Almost Was

I like to think of myself as a storyteller in the old-school tradition. Like, WAY old-school. I see myself as the guy sitting at the campfire, surrounded by attentive listeners, recounting stories that only I can tell, or telling them in ways that only I can. I like to think I enjoy a certain familiarity…

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Revisiting the Literary Classics: HOLLYWOOD GOTHIC by David J. Skal

I was so enamored with Mr. Skal’s definitive biography of Bram Stoker (see my review of that book here) that I sought out another of his books–and by “sought out” I mean I bought a used copy on eBay. HOLLYWOOD GOTHIC tells the story of how DRACULA the novel became DRACULA the movie. It had…

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Giving QUINLAN From THE STRAIN His Own TV Series

Listen, people. I can’t do it all by myself. I’ve done the heavy lifting. I started the ball rolling. I created the petition on asking FX, THE STRAIN series creators Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, and showrunner Carlton Cuse, to give Quinlan a spinoff television series. You know how many signatures we have,…

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Wrapping Up Loose Ends on THE STRAIN

I reckon these will be the last videos that FX sends to me, for me to pass along to you, where THE STRAIN is concerned. That makes me sad. I don’t want to think about it. Just watch the videos, then, and let’s not talk about it until the next paragraph. This one is a…

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Catching up on THE STRAIN

As I stated in another article I submitted this week, a succinct and enlightening review of the TWIN PEAKS season three (and possibly series) finale over at our sister site,, I spent all last week traveling. As a result, I’m a little behind. I didn’t get to watch the past two weeks’ worth of…

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Cool Vampire-flavored Swag

You may have noticed, if you’ve followed this site for awhile, if I have a topic from which I can’t manage to milk a full article’s worth of commentary, I will pair it with another similar topic to create a cool little double-feature. Sometimes I’ll even go for a triple. This article you are now…

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Yes, Your Pet CAN See Ghosts

Color me skeptical. This headline proclaims that “Science confirms” that cats and dogs can see spirits. In other words, when your dog starts barking at nothing, or your cat hisses at nothing, it means there is some form of etheric entity about. Conversely, it could mean you have a psychotic cat or dog. (This latter…

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The Dracula-Batman Connection

There are several, actually. Batman and Dracula have fought each other in comic books and in cartoons. Both of them wear capes and dark colors. Bought prefer the nighttime and tend to scare the crap out of people. Then there is that obvious bat thing; one turns into one, the other dresses up as one….

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Will IT feature THAT scene?

The scene in question is, as everyone who has read the book will already know, the preteen orgy scene, where all the male kids gangbang Beverly. Sounds creepy as hell, dunnit? And you know what? It IS. I hated that scene. I felt it didn’t need to be there. Generally my outlook is to let…

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SLENDERMAN Would-Be Killer Cops a Plea

15-year-old Anissa Weier, who, along with a friend, Morgan Geyser, stabbed another girl 19 times, trying to kill her and offer her as a sacrifice to the Slenderman, has pleaded guilty to a charge of attempted second degree intentional homicide, in order to avoid the charge of attempted murder outright. She still may further wiggle…

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